Thursday, 8 July 2010

What is GPRS?

For those of you who don't already know...

GPRS is a packet oriented mobile data service; it is available for 2G cellular communication, GSM and 3G systems (modems, routers and embedded systems). GPRS provides data rates, this is the speed of data transfer from one medium to another. In 2G systems, GPRS sends 56-114kbit of data per second.

The GPRS protocol sits in the GSM, 2G and 3G network extending the circuit switch data (data transmissions) in order to allow;

  • "Always on” internet access
  • MMS and SMS
  • PoC/PTT (Puch to talk)
  • Instant messaging and presence – wireless village
  • WAP (Wireless application protocol) to allow Internet applications for smart devices
  • Point-to-point services via IP’s

The GPRS connection is established by reference to its access point name (APN). The APN defines the WAP (wireless protocol) access. An APN must be specified to permit a GPRS connection.

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